Copper Linens was founded by an entrepreneur who suffered from terrible indoor allergies—or so he thought. After trying nearly everything to remedy the situation, he visited an allergist who suggested that he change his bed sheets every day. It seemed strange (and it was a lot of work), but in the end, his allergies disappeared entirely.

As it turned out, he didn’t have indoor allergies at all. He had been suffering from the impact of bacteria, allergens and other microbes in his bed.

After discovering the true source of his discomfort, he now had another problem to solve—how to sleep allergen and bacteria-free without having to change the sheets every day.

By combining the power of all-natural copper and Egyptian cotton, he realized that clean comfort, fruitful rest, and freedom from allergens and illness could all be accomplished while we sleep. And with that, Copper Linens was born.

Copper Linens is not flashy, high-tech, or complex. But who said a good night’s sleep had to be complicated? There are only two things you need bed linens to be: clean and comfortable. And that’s exactly what you get with Copper Linens.